Cleaning Franchise at Kleena CleanersA Kleena Cleaners cleaning franchise is your opportunity to own a successful and profitable business with the support of a proven franchise system. So why not join over 40 Kleena Cleaners franchise teams and give yourself greater financial freedom today!

Become a part of Kleena Cleaners’ proven corporate image, recognised for quality cleaning services. We look for motivated, hard working people who have a desire to get ahead. It is with the help of people like this that our business can grow and mutual success is achieved.

All Kleena Cleaners Area Managers are committed to our franchisees success and are trained in full business procedures to show you everything you need to know about the Commercial Cleaning industry. Our training will educate you about how to work thoroughly and efficiently.

Franchise Benefits

Under a Kleena Cleaners (SA) Franchise you will receive great benefits. Some of these include:

Established Client Base

Kleena Cleaners will allocate clients to you, as we take care of all marketing.

Full Comprehensive Training

We will train you in the most efficient cleaning methods. Nothing is left to chance, so you can profit from Kleena Cleaners’ experience.

30 Day Payment on Invoice

Kleena Cleaners Administration manages clients for you so you don’t have to worry about pesky account keeping and following up on invoicing.

New & Replacement Clients: Advertising

Our regular ongoing promotion of the Kleena Cleaners name and cleaning service combined with our direct marketing ensures that your business constantly has an opportunity to grow.

Ongoing Support

We’ll be with you every step of the way to support you in your Kleena Cleaners Franchise. We have a program of meetings, newsletters and on the spot advice to ensure your ongoing success. We also keep you up to date with new equipment and cleaning products & chemicals, as well as any new legislation that may affect our industry.

Change your lifestyle and have better control over your income. Call to arrange an appointment today on 08 8363 4488 or email us.

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