We stock a range of cleaning products including washroom and kitchen supplies as well as a range of cleaning chemicals and cleaning equipment. We also stock and install soap, hand towel and toilet paper dispensers.

If the product you require isn’t listed we can try and source it for you, just give us a call 8363 4488 or email us.

Hand Towels

KLeena Cleaners Supply Hand Towel

  • ABC Single Fold Interleaved Hand Towels
  • ABC Style Supremacy Superslim Hand Towels
  • Fresh Super Trim Interleaved Hand Towels 2ply (compact)
  • Kleenex Optimum Interleaved Hand Towels
  • Puresoft Slimeline Interleaved Hand Towels
  • Regal Large Interleaved Hand Towels
  • Gentility Large Interleaved 2ply Hand Towel
  • ABC Style Roll Towel
  • Premier Kitchen Roll Towel
  • Scott Roll Towel

Toilet Paper

Kleena Cleaners supply toilet paper

  • ABC 2ply 400 Toilet Rolls
  • ABC Style 2ply Premium Toilet Rolls
  • ABC 2ply Virgin 700 Toilet Rolls
  • Tenderly 2ply Toilet Rolls
  • Quilton 3ply Premium Toilet Rolls
  • Pearl 3ply Toilet Rolls
  • Gentility 3ply Toilet Rolls
  • Softex 1ply Recycled Toilet Rolls
  • ABC Style 2ply Interleaved Toilet Tissue
  • Regal 1ply Luxury Interleaved Toilet Tissue
  • Fresh Jumbo 2ply Toilet Rolls
  • Trusoft Jumbo 1ply Toilet Rolls
  • Tork Junior Jumbo 2ply Toilet Rolls

Cleaning Chemicals

Kleena Cleaners Sell Cleaning Chemicals

We stock and recommend the following cleaning chemicals. Please click below to view the most recent SDS (Safety data Sheets).

Technical Bulletins
Please click below to view the most recent Technical Bulletins for the chemicals we use and stock.

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